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AirBnB business is booming in Puerto Vallarta - Here's why!


When one thinks of paradise, Puerto Vallarta seems to come to mind, to more and more travelers every year. Although Vallarta has remained Mexico's best-kept secret for several years, in this past decade, and most recently post Covid, this authentic Mexican beach destination has received hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year, detonating an economic Boom


It does not take a rocket scientist to uncover this information, but for those of us that know this port, we have seen a massive demand for high-rise condos and single-family homes.


With over 7000+ Airbnb listings, Puerto Vallarta is per capita the most profitable Airbnb destination in Mexico. Let's take for example from December 2020, during Covid times, Airbnb recorded 13.2 million dollars in rental revenue for that month alone. A year later Dec 21 rental revenues skyrocketed to 27.1 million dollars. They say information is only as valuable for those who can understand it.


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