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Why Do Americans and Canadians Invest in Puerto Vallarta?


Why Do Americans and Canadians Invest in Puerto Vallarta?

It’s pretty strange to think about Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as a “worthwhile” investment for those who live naturally in the US or Canada, but that is, in fact, what’s been happening.  The beauty is, it’s not a scam or any other kind of rip-off.  Investing in Puerto Vallarta is great both short- and long-term.  But, why?  Here are the details.

It’s a priority destination

For all sorts of reasons, Puerto Vallarta is becoming a popular destination.  There are many flight connections to its airport and people worldwide flock here to enjoy a little R & R time throughout many times of the year.

Resources and quality f life

Puerto Vallarta is a happening place.  There are many tourist attractions and lots of smaller local ones that gain a lot of respect for those that call it home.  The prices of everything tend to be cheaper than in the US or Canada, and this means that it’s a great way for them to get more for less, financially speaking.

Then there’s the food!  A popular hub for those that love to either eat, or learn how to cook pretty much everything, Puerto Vallarta is a great spot for exploring all sorts of authentic Mexican or oriental cuisine!  

Great for property income

Puerto Vallarta is popular for its capital gain.  This is the same for apartments or homes, and it’s one of the large reasons that so many people have property down here, even if they only live here part of the time.  

This is so well-known and profitable that there are a lot of apartments that are owned entirely by foreigners, especially those who live in Canada and the US.  In fact, over 50% of apartments owned by Homia (a real estate agency based here in Puerto Vallarta), were sold exclusively to foreigners over the past several years!

General affordability

The savings for living really add up in Puerto Vallarta, too, when looking for a place to work remotely or even live as a snowbird.  This is best understood when compared to standard US or Canadian prices.  For instance, in order to enjoy a relatively nice place to live, most people would need to pay a significant amount of money per square foot.  The numbers work out to be:

  • New York: $1, 770 per square foot on average

  • San Francisco: $1, 400 per square foot on average

  • Vancouver: $1, 200 per square food on average

In contrast, the average price per square foot in Puerto Vallarta, is $225.  Even to those that aren’t up on numbers, that’s a shocking difference that makes it so much more profitable to those who are looking for maximum savings while still enjoying a great quality of life.  In a foreign city, nonetheless!

Regardless of what convinced you most, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to invest in when you live in either the US or Canada.  This trend is only expected to rise, too, as the cost of living continues to skyrocket in city centres.



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